The Robust Intelligence & Robotics (RIRO) Laboratory is part of the School of Computing at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Our vision is to empower robots to be trusted collaborators in every part of our society by introducing novel learning, reasoning, and execution capabilities.
Selected experiment videos!

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  • Excellence Award for BECS ITRC Student-led Creative Autonomous Project
  • Interviews with irobotnews and MERRIC.
  • Our proposal is accepted for NRF 기초연구실 Program!
  • Our field robot work is accepted for Field Robotics 2021; 'An Intelligence Architecture for Grounded Language Communication with Field Robots'
  • Our LTL-BT work is accepted for ICRA 2021; 'Reactive Task and Motion Planning under Temporal Logic Specifications'
  • Our proposal is selected for NRF Young Researcher Program!